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Sussex County Library

Profile of Success

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Name: Sussex County Library
Location: Sussex County
Community Served: Vernon and surrounding communities in Sussex County
Unique Jobseeker Services: Drop-in Career Lab

What was one of your most memorable or significant New Jersey Career Connections services to a jobseeker or a memorable or significant event, such as a job fair or other community event or service, or partnering with another program or partner?

The Career Connections Library Associate for the Sussex County Library presented the Jersey Job Club Workshop, "Your Path to Employment," followed by a Drop-in Career Lab in which jobseekers can receive one-on-one job search assistance. One of the attendees, an older gentleman, happened to be in the library and saw the poster for the workshop minutes before it began. He attended both the workshop and the Career Lab following.

He was new to the area and unemployed following an illness. It had been over 15 years since he’d last looked for employment. He was not sure how, in 2017 in rural Sussex County New Jersey, one would even go about getting employed. He felt overwhelmed and frustrated, to the point of tears. He’d had extensive work history in landscaping, construction and, more recently, package handling for a large shipping corporation.

He had never written or needed a resume. He had begun searching for jobs using his phone but didn’t understand how to apply for them. With what he learned from the workshop and the following one-on-one session(s), he was able to apply for jobs online using a basic resume and found employment.

How did the jobseeker or entity with which you partnered to provide services find out about New Jersey Career Connections services?

A poster in his library branch.

Did you utilize a specific New Jersey Career Connections service or tool to during the event or with the entity or jobseeker?

Jersey Job Club workshop "Job Search Workshop: Your Path to Employment" followed by Drop-In Career Lab and one-on-one resume and job search assistance.

Did the jobseeker or entity take advantage of any other New Jersey Career Connections or library services?

After the Jersey Job Club workshop, the jobseeker attended a Drop-in Career Lab. Library Career Connections staff provided the jobseeker with a list of websites and resources available. Staff demonstrated some sections of the Career Connections website that the jobseeker might find helpful and referred the jobseeker to the local One-Stop for DVRS and computer classes. At a follow up one-on-one appointment, staff assisted the jobseeker with a resume template and online job applications.

Did you learn anything surprising through this event that would benefit other partners?

Even though there are times when programs are not well attended, it is vital to continue to market them, and to hold them at different days and times. In this case, a jobseeker in great need of assistance was able to take advantage of the service which then led to employment for him simply because he happened to be visiting the library at a time when a program was being offered (serendipity at its best).

Were there any lessons learned, or things you might do differently next time?

Follow up more thoroughly with jobseekers after programs to find out more details about the type of employment obtained and how the job is going.