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How to Join the Network

Supporting members of our communities as they work to achieve their personal and family goals is a mission that we all share. Often, that support comes in the form of helping community members obtain successful careers. See how joining the New Jersey Career Connections network of partners can help you assist clients in their pursuit of career success.

Benefits of joining the network

Connect with agencies across the state

As a partner, you will be joining organizations throughout New Jersey already providing high-quality job search and career navigation services to jobseekers. These organizations, many of whom have specialized knowledge of the key industries in New Jersey, are dedicated to ensuring that jobseekers are equipped with the skills critical for success.

As a member of the network, your organization will have opportunities to collaborate and connect with network partners at regional conferences and via monthly webinar sessions. Further, utilizing our ever-evolving network directory, partners are encouraged to connect with one another to improve the quality of career navigation and support services offered to community members.

Utilize our service model

Today's labor market is increasingly dynamic and complex. With input from our partners, The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development has developed an ever-evolving career navigation framework. The framework, which consists of expert insights and actionable guidance, is designed to help jobseekers succeed in the labor market and prepare for the labor market of tomorrow. The three steps of this model—Plan, Prepare, and Succeed—simplify job search and career planning efforts and creates a framework for all partners to provide consistent and current support for their customers.

Our service model addresses a wide range of topics, including . . .

  • Managing supportive benefits
  • Planning for a career and managing skills
  • Searching for a job in today’s labor market, including writing a resume and interviewing
  • Networking, its value, and how to do it well
  • Evaluating training and education options
  • Connecting with support services for veterans, mature workers, individuals with disabilities, youth, ex-offenders, and displaced homemakers

Participate in professional development and information sessions

Staying current on labor market trends and opportunities enables us to offer the best possible support for jobseekers. Network partners receive New Jersey Career Connections Navigator training, which is tailored to meet the needs of staff working with jobseekers, as well as opportunities to connect with other service resources and attend learning sessions in their communities.

Access our career navigation and job search resources

Network partners can use our guides and presentations when working with jobseekers. These materials are updated regularly to ensure accuracy and relevance to New Jersey’s labor market and help staff support clients in such areas as resume and cover letter writing, networking, interviewing, social media development, and career exploration.

Leverage our marketing materials and resources

Partners that join the network receive New Jersey Career Connections marketing materials, which include posters and retractable banners for display at your location and pens and lanyards for use by your staff. The New Jersey Career Connections ever-growing Twitter and Facebook communities are also powerful ways to connect with more people and spread your organization’s message. 

How to get involved

Anyone interested in becoming part of the partner network should contact the New Jersey Career Connections Partner Engagement Team at Our Partner Engagement Team will work with your organization to determine how best our jobseeker, career navigation, and networking services can help the individuals you work with achieve their goals.